Tuesday, August 9, 2011

total dresser overhaul

one of my best friends at college moved out of her apartment-house to a new place at the beginning of the summer and graciously gave me 2 of the dressers she had in her old place. the first is an old black ikea set of drawers; and the second is pictured below. a greenish, wallpapered chipped sort of mess that made my dad question my sanity as he loaded it into his car...but like i said, it was free! i saw potential in it and am already planning my future bedroom around this piece. i love it!

yikes. that green wallpaper was seriously ugly, and the whole dresser was not the prettiest shade of green (sort of olive-y yellow, if you will). i neglected to take a photo of the dresser with drawers in it for the before photos, but the drawers had sort of handle pulls that would've been pretty difficult to paint and were also not in the greatest shape.

after: i painted the dresser with black latex semi-gloss paint, using both a brush and a roller. i've never painted furniture before so this was pretty exciting/nerve-wracking! i think it turned out great for the level of experience i have (aka 0). i will probably need to finish this with a polyurethane to prevent chips (since i will most likely be moving soon) buttttt i haven't gotten around to that. i'm also thinking about covering the insides of the drawers with patterned contact paper, but i'm still not sure.

drawer pulls were replaced using wood filler putty stuff to cover the previous holes, and i purchased new crystal-ish knobs from hobby lobby at half off (their sales cycle is fantastic!). all in all, a super fun project and SO rewarding!

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